Terms of use

My booking terms and conditions are simple. 

Deposits to book: A 100 euro deposit is required to book my services, until this deposit is paid the service is not considered booked. All deposits are strictly non-refundable unless in the case of my illness or an unexpected event on the day of the ceremony, I am unable to provide you with a suitable alternative celebrant or attend the wedding myself. 

Balance Payments: Balances must be paid at least 5 working days before the event if by bank transfer, or on my arrival at your venue if making a payment in cash. All payments are subject to IVA, which is the Spanish equivalent of VAT and currently stands at 21%. 

Should the wedding not be able to go ahead for reasons beyond all reasonable control, such as it was with covid 19 for example, then deposit refunds are still not possible, but I would be able to offer you an alternative available date. 

If you need to cancel the wedding for any unexpected reason the deposit would be retained as compensation for the loss of earnings on the booked date. 

Please remember, my wedding ceremonies are beautiful and should be considered the real thing, but they are not legally binding, so you will need to visit a registry office or church in order to be legally married. Although this can be a smaller, more casual affair than the ceremony we partake in on the wedding day,

Wedding ceremonies Spain

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